Tinkle Crinkle Activity ToyAll I had to do was dangle this adorable bunny in front of my 3 month-old friend and she followed its every move and grabbed to get the orange flower teether into her mouth for some good sucking and tasting! Research shows that babies talk more to faces and that is just what Mom and I saw as the baby called out her sounds to her new friend. Mom’s job is to describe what her baby is exploring and looking at to feed her language as she listens and associates sounds and words with the bunny, “Look at the bunny’s polka dot dress and striped feet.” Little ribbon whiskers, the bumpy silicone flower and soft premium plush ears provide different textures to talk about–“smooth, bumpy and soft.” This little bunny became baby’s favorite and can be easily grabbed later as she becomes a  toddler  and taken along to explore a child’s world of pretend.

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