Tinkle Crinkle Birdie LoveyThe soft Birdie Lovey was an instant hit with our 3 month-old friend. When put within reach, this birdie was explored, examined and tasted with its corner striped ties that fit perfectly in her mouth for some teething. If it is any indication of how loved this toy was, our birdie was pretty wet by the time we finished playtime! The bird’s cute, endearing face was so interesting to our baby as she easily gripped the attached security blanket for some sensory input from GUND’s premium plush of dots, stripes, ribs and colors. A great baby toy has lots for baby to explore over several sensory modes, feeling, seeing, hearing and tasting, while giving parents and caregivers plenty to narrate while their baby investigates, building language with descriptive input, “You’re eating the birdie’s striped hand,” or “Look at her polka dot tummy!” Babies are exploring and learning on so many fronts when engaging with a well designed toy like this.

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