Folkmanis puppets bring animals alive and this warty, plush, eye-popping Toad is a great size for kids to get their hands in and manipulate the mouth, forelegs and the favorite–the tongue. Kids get to stick his tongue out, wiggle it and get away with it! Besides making beautiful puppets, Folkmanis adds a little tag on each puppet that includes, fables, starter dialogue, or fun facts about the animal puppet. Who knew that toads hop rather than jump, live away from water and are active at night? Kids love these facts and really hang on to them. Also included is a folktale on how the toad got his warts and special tongue to capture and eat pesty bugs. These fables and facts get little imaginations started and ideas churning for the puppet show or monologue as kids make up their unique story. After meeting Toad, even a dad requested one! Puppets are a wonderful vehicle for pretend play, as children take on a role, give their animal a voice and create a story, reinforcing skills for reading and writing.

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