Toca Life boxes are the best new subscriptions, delivered to your door, monthly. These unique boxes of joy combine imaginative play, crafting and creativity, and storytelling to every kiddo lucky enough to receive one.

Each box is filled with awesome activities inspired by the Swedish digital toys and games at Toca Boca. They inspire kids to play, create, and innovate. Themed boxes include everything from finger sports, to hair salons and graffiti.

We received a whole new neighborhood of mysteries and mischief in Crumpetville. This detailed box consisted of a disguised hideaway home (concealed behind a picture frame), of two Crumpets named “Trumpet” and “Puppet.” These two pals designed their four room home – which was the box! It came with make your own furniture, stickers, and other props to create a just-right neighborhood for the Crumpets.

Our toy tester quickly got to work after unboxing the Toca Life box. Using fine motor skills to gently place and revise as an interior decorator, and then storytelling to use pretend and imaginative play. The Crumpets plotted to hide and cause mischief in the human world. There was tons of language as they carefully constructed each room – a kitchen, bedroom, and living room with a ladder to get to the high floors. “Trumpet” and “Puppet” even carried their ladder around as they escaped Crumpetville to sneak off and get human food in our kitchen. Play lasted multiple hours over multiple days.

With sustainability in mind, all projects are 100% recyclable. Each box includes a fun keepsake: a pencil, patches, and a cord puller might be yours. The Toca Life Subscription Boxes bring multiple activities and crafts, enrich play, language and storytelling, and will keep your kiddo creating and imagining for weeks to come.