Together is a play set of beautifully crafted wooden figures. The parent company, Grapat, was developed as a small project from a family in Spain, who wanted their children to have high quality, sustainable toys.

The set includes 12 colorful figures in four different sizes (great for developing fine motor skills!) and textures with three different skin tones, representing diversity around the world. The rainbow colors allowed children to recognize similarities and differences during play and exercise color naming and recognition.

At the start of play, our toy testers quickly categorized figures by size, and named them: Mom, Dad, teenagers, and babies. The characters evolved to fit their storyline into grandparents, friends, neighbors. Once people were established, the imaginative play began and dialogue commenced.

The open play inspired by the Together Set was magical to witness. It’s proof that children require minimal prompts to engage in strong pretend play that develops language and social-emotional skills. Children easily began to create stories and develop sequenced schemas such as “going to a wedding” where each piece was included as a family member of the bride and groom. The figures ate, they danced, and they walked back home to sleep (in the box they arrived in!).

When children engage in open-ended play, they are given the grand opportunity to make choices, express creativity, and support their own independence. They often use language to describe their experiences, experiment with new vocabulary, strengthen their social and emotional well being.

With high quality craftsmanship, each piece was created with water-based, non-toxic dyes, and wood that comes from sustainable forests. A fabric bag is included for easy storage and take-along play wherever your little one may travel. The Together Set by Grapat allows for creativity, divergent thinking, and happy playing.

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