Top Trumps’ themed decks of cards are loaded with fun facts on different subjects–The United States, Harry Potter, Baby Animals and Peppa Pig to name a few. Each themed deck has picture cards within that category such as states within the US, Harry Potter characters, fun animals, and Peppa’s gang of characters. Every card within a deck lists several categories with a number value. For instance Baby Animals includes Grizzly Bear or Seal with the categories Mummy’s Tummy (months), Weight at Birth, Independence, Mischief and Cuteness. Apparently a seal gets into more mischief with a value of 22, compared to the grizzly bear’s 18. These numbers are used to compare once the game begins. The first player turns over her first card and names a category and number. The next player does the same, trying to get a higher number so he can win the cards in that round. The rules are simple but lots of learning can take place as kids enjoy reading about their animal, character or state, and talking about comparisons in size, distance, date, and character traits. Kids will learn new vocabulary associated with their theme and spark some discussion about traits such as “cunning, courage, wisdom and temper” in the Harry Potter series. Top Trumps encourages language learning in several areas–building vocabulary, social language learning, comparisons, and descriptions. These compact decks of learning fun come in a hard case that clips shut for take along play!

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