Nature meets learning with LeapFrog’s Touch and Learn Nature ABC Board. It’s made from wood and reclaimed plastic that gives this learning board a natural and high-end feel. With five different learning modes, songs and music, kids were engaged while developing core skills.

The Letter and Sound modes encourage kids to find letters by name like “Find the P” or by sound: “Find the letter that makes the sound sssss.” Counting calls for a number such as “Touch 4 animals and let’s say hi!” Letter and numbers appear on the center square screen for added reinforcement of these learning concepts.

The Animal and Nature modes build an appreciation for the world around us. The learning board prompts children to find animals by category, animal sound, and attributes. For instance, “Find an animal with hair or fur,” or “Find an animal with fins or flippers.” This promotes categorization, which allows children to interpret information more efficiently. Children will more readily learn new words and be able to recall these words in conversation more quickly.

This cool toy tablet also allows children to explore weather and nature sounds. Our toy testers especially loved playing “Nature Detective.” A sound is played and children guess the sounds. They might hear ocean waves or thunder. Taking turns guessing different sounds was fun for making connections and also for conversation starters. Parents could tell about a time when they heard ocean waves. “Remember when we went to the beach with Grandma last summer? You played in the ocean and made a sand castle with your sister.”

The Touch and Learn Nature ABC Board combines learning core letter and sound concepts, with nature and music. It can be a great way to start conversations with your child, expanding their language and vocabulary too, as they make connections to the world around them. The toy tablet will be a sure family favorite!

Available at Target, Walmart and Amazon