There’s a whole lot of fun learning packed into this delightful turtle whose face makes you want to give him a hug! VTech’s new Baby products are designed for enriched play through discovery. A good baby toy has so much for the child to explore and discover and maximum opportunities for parents to describe actions and parts of the toy to build a child’s language skills.  Let’s start with all the colors, textures and patterns to feel, while parents describe and give words to the child’s experience–bumpy green legs, fuzzy polka dot shell, purple, red, blue or orange numbered feet, or smooth yellow button. Play peek-a-boo and practice fine motor skills as you push the legs and head into their spot in the shell,  forming a soft ball for play and pull them out again, feeding accompanying language of opposites, push/pull, in/out or long/short. The chunky yellow button on top of the shell is easy enough for little ones to press to hear simple descriptive sentences, directions to follow, new vocabulary to learn, and playful rhyming songs to sing along.  “I have a big colorful shell.” “Can you give me a hug?” “Can you find my four legs? One, Two, Three, Four.” “I can walk, wobble and roll.” A mirror, rattle and ring are attached to the shell for reaching, gripping and pulling as well as verbalizing to themselves in the mirror. This turtle is a speech pathologist’s dream toy to stimulate language through play!

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