All aboard for a fun learning adventure as kids assemble this classic, sturdy 24 piece jigsaw puzzle of a steam engine scene. Parked on the track, this train is a playground for kids as they climb up to clean the engine, fly a kite, wave a flag, munch a lunch, play conductor, pull a toy train over a sleeping dog and watch the repairman fix the wheel. Animals are having just as much fun as birds nest in the chimney, a mouse peeks over the top, a fox watches from the bushes, and a ladybug climbs the train. The beautiful rich detail drove language learning as kids searched for a piece to match the image on the tray below. Checking on the picture, they called out what they were looking for–a pink mouse behind a rock,  a hot air balloon in the sky, or a tractor driving to the sheep. These images provide a wonderful opportunity to tell a story and kids join right in. An added feature is that this puzzle wasn’t easily dumped and stored neatly in its tray.

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