Are you ready for a learning journey with our pirate and captain? “Ahoy there matey,” says Captain Monty as kids place him on the front deck’s recognition point. This versatile pirate ship can be a pull along toy to sail the seas, shoot the cannon, steer the boat or send a character overboard. Open up the ship to reveal a playground of fun with a seesaw, bridge, or a spinning octopus. Pretend play took many routes as kids begged to play with this toy and had up to five children creating a pretend story of sailing the seas. The mode button moves from “Explore” to “Role-play” or “Music & Songs.”  “Explore” teaches about letters and sounds, “Sails begins with the letter S,” colors, numbers, sound effects and vocabulary, “Sails help the ship move faster.” The Role-play option talks kids through simple routines of the ship–setting sail (talk to the captain, raise the sails, pull up the anchor, travel to Treasure Island), cleaning the ship and having a party. Kids can use these scenarios to launch their own stories, gathering ideas for different themes. Switch to the “Music & Songs” mode to hear short rhyming songs about dropping the anchor, raising the sails, looking in the treasure chest, and sailing with Captain Monty and Sailor Stanley.

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