Tree House Play World is the perfect introduction to pretend play for your toddler. It will open their imaginations as parents and caregivers rediscover the power of storytelling and conversation together.

This stunning playset is made from 100% FSC certified wood, includes 30 high quality pieces, each that take their part in a wonderful story just waiting to be created. There’s a Tree House (of course!) complete with elevator (or swing!), a train and its track, table and chairs, ladder, and many friends to play. Each of these props allowed for infinite story possibilities and opportunities for children to develop language skills.

As children begin to use their imaginations and engage in pretend play, they’re using higher level language skills such as critical thinking and problem solving. They learn to identify and analyze story themes and create solutions just as they would in social settings with peers. This kind of play can help build social and emotional resiliency and self-advocacy later in life.

Bababoo and friends encourages quality playtime and provides caregivers with all the tools they need to connect through play. This connection is crucial for building strong bonds early on, creating and working through pretend play scenarios and encouraging conversation. An included Play Tale of the friends’ Tree House Day along with some additional story starters set the stage for fun. Caregivers can enter play confidently and humbly as we too, learn from our own children.

The Bababoo and Friends Tree House Play World is an excellent toy that not only provides entertainment but also has several educational benefits. The playset is designed to encourage pretend play, storytelling, and parent-child playtime, making it an ideal toy for toddlers and older children too.

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