143770cTrio is a member of Hape’s new family of “Home Education” games designed to build some core language skills, naming and categorization, through fun game play. My friend dove into the pile of wooden cards and started sorting them according to category: farm animals, sand toys, silverware, kitchen utensils, transportation, fruits and office items, and then realized that there were pictures on the other side so started a new search for another musical instrument. Kids often name the pictures as they are searching and finding them, “I found the maracas!” he said with accomplishment to finish his 3-card grouping. Trio comes with simple instructions that can be elaborated on. After sorting in 3-card sets, take the language learning to the next level and ask the child to identify a picture by function, or harder yet, have them tell you the function, “What do we do with a hammer?” “What do we do with mittens?” Parents as well as educators will appreciate Hape’s sturdy, light wooden pieces as they hold up to repeated play, rather than cardboard. Any teacher or therapist knows how much use a fun learning game gets!

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