Trivia is the ultimate brain workout. Applying knowledge, making some inferences, and learning along the way are all brain boosting ways that MindWare’s Trivia Challenge helps kids (and adults!) connect and have fun.

There are three main categories to choose from (Geography, Animal and Science). Players roll a die to move around the game board and collect tokens for each correct answer. The player that collects the most tokens wins the game. It’s great for kids and grown-ups as each question has two levels: Beginner and Advanced. There are over 400 trivia questions, so challengers can enjoy repeat play without getting the same questions.

Trivia questions are either Name It!, Know It! or Rank It!

  • Name It! questions provide a picture to name.
  • Know It! tests knowledge about each topic with a multiple choice or true/false question
  • Rank It! requires players to put trivia in order based on fun facts

The different types of questions kept the game fun and exciting. The content of the questions also got some good laughs. For instance, What do hibernating turtles breath thorough? Their butts!

During gameplay, our trivia fans were making connections from things they learned in school, read in books, or saw on TV. When they weren’t sure of an answer, it was fascinating to hear them reason through how they got to their final conclusion. They used information that they did know and applied it well! Taking guesses was ok too! Kids and adults both learned new facts and information. Trivia Challenge was the ultimate gamified learning fun for the whole family.

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