Watch your little friends gather around the Tropical Island Resort–there is plenty of room to entertain the gang. Take a ride in the boat along the waterway, slip down the slide, catapult off the diving board or whirl around on the  merry go round. Water fascinates kids as they experiment, pouring over the palm tree as it gets the gears and hanging monkey moving  or takes the fish for a swim. The highlight is the geyser pump that squirts water into a whirlpool lagoon, splashing its occupants or even spilling out to wake up the people lounging on the hammock. Scooping, pouring, slipping and splashing, kids get a different result each time as water has its way! A flexible group pretend play toy, this resort has moveable props so kids can re-arrange the setting for more fun. Language learning abounds as children interact with their figures and props in this island adventure.

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