“Round and round, up and down!” Your little one will love learning and spinning with the Turn & Learn Ferris Wheel by VTech. This fun toy has suction cups that will stick to the bottom of a table or highchair tray, keep your kiddo engaged and give caregivers lots to describe and chat about.

With three familiar animals – an elephant, lion, and zebra – caregivers can practice pointing and labeling animal names, practice animal sounds, and introduce prepositions. “The zebra is above the elephant,” or “The elephant is next to lion.” Using these prepositions often will help develop comprehension of these spatial words.

Babies loved batting at the wheel to see how it moved. The tiny beads on the sides moved around, made some noise and our friends spun around with it. Even without the sounds and lights, babies learned cause and effect as the wheel moved around and made noise whenever they touched it.

The Turn & Learn Ferris Wheel has over 45 songs, melodies, and phrases that early talkers can repeat and caregivers can elaborate on. Early talkers enjoyed imitating sounds and dancing to songs.

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