Want a story-telling game with a twist? Each player contributes “Twisted Tales” story cards for the storyteller to weave his tale. The cards range from “The local diner during the early bird special,” “a strange black mist,”or “A magical key of unknown powers,” to “A pile of used tissues” or “A life sized gingerbread house.” The Twisted Storyteller needs to explore categories that will include and weave together the topics on the cards to create a plot, taking advantage of the humor in the cards, which include sightly sassy cartoon illustrations and topics in line with tweens and teens. As you create your story, you need to think about a logical transition from place to place or progression in time. Imagine being our storyteller who crafted a plot connecting monsters under the bed, the planet Mars, the world’s most boring class and the world’s most deadly fart. Cleverly his character fell asleep in his  boring geometry class, awakened by the world’s most deadly fart and everyone laughing. Players assign votes 1-5 after each story which accumulate to determine the winner. Variations on play could include a cooperative story with all players contributing a card and adding to the story or an opportunity for other players to revise the original story. This game definitely has a  twist to bring out the clever story teller. Speech language pathologists were excited to have a story telling game that appealed to older kids to engage them while building language skills.

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By Bob Artemenko