Twizzle by MindWare is a single player, twisting tile logic puzzle that offers a great learning experience. There are four levels of challenge and entertainment this game offers, providing endless entertainment for kids.

Twizzle enhances logical reasoning skills in the form of gameplay. It requires players to think critically, analyze patterns, and use deductive reasoning to solve the challenges presented in each level. Players begin by choosing a card from various difficulty levels (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, or Expert) and turn wheels to shift tiles around the board to match the card.

This process strengthens the brain’s ability to think logically, make logical connections, and arrive at accurate conclusions. It also promotes spatial reasoning skills. The game requires players to manipulate shapes and patterns in their mind and on the game board, which helps to develop a better understanding of how objects fit together in space. A useful STEM skill!

Our pair of 9 year old “Twizzlers” were eager to “level up” as they challenged themselves through Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced (still working on Expert level). They even challenged each other by trying to complete each puzzle in as few moves as possible!

Twizzle is a fantastic game that offers a fun and engaging way to improve logical reasoning, spatial reasoning, and problem-solving skills. It’s great for travel, independent or side-by-side play and will bring a challenge to the day!

Available at MindWare