“Uh-oh” is about all you can say as you follow this accident-prone, little dinosaur leave a trail of dirt, toilet paper, suds, and bubble gum in his path of hapless unintended destruction! An innocent
bounce on the couch landed him in a fern plant, which dumped the dirt. The cleanup caused more commotion as the broom knocked over the jug of milk, which prompted the dinosaur to mop it up with rug. Now where can he clean the rug? Of course–the dishwasher–and so it goes! The whimsical drawings lead you through the house, out the window and into the yard with plenty to describe and talk about. Wordless books provide a great opportunity for kids to generate their own story, describing the action and cause-effect of every goofy choice, in this case. Kids loved to laugh at the dinosaur’s antics, maybe because they can relate.

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