The Ultra Baby Spring Float is a must have when at the pool with your baby. It’s the perfect way to introduce your baby to the water in a safe and fun way. This float has several unique features that make it a great choice for a full water experience.

The Inner Spring Technology provides greater stability when your little one is floating about (even when big brother does a cannonball nearby to make waves!). The canopy is adjustable and removable, and provides UPF 50+, ensuring sun protection. Babies will feel secure and comfortable in the air mesh seat, with arms and shoulders ready for splashing and exploring.

The Ultra Baby Spring Float has three detachable toys: a seahorse spinner, sea shell strainer, and sea shell rings. These provided additional ways to get baby interested and comfortable in the water. It also allowed caregivers to talk about each toy as it moved in the water and the baby explored its parts. The seahorse spinner was a sure favorite with its spinning tail.

Your little one will love the Ultra Baby Spring Float as they experience water in a fun and safe way. As caregivers, you’ll love knowing that your baby is safe and secure. Using language to talk all about the water experience will allow your baby to make vocabulary connections to propel new word learning.

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