71h81IohHIL._SL1000_Kids surely weren’t bored when they opened the box of disguises and The Field Guide to Going Incognito. Minds were in high gear as they assembled their personas–a sassy girl and a “robo-pirate” according to my little friends. The red cat-eye glasses with diamonds in the corners went perfectly with the white gloves and her order for me to “put her hair in a bun!” Then my robo-pirate suited up with the bandana across his forehead and the eye patch flipped up “so when he flipped it down, his robot skin would cover his body.” (only kids could think this up) and a box around his midsection for robot moves. Then I was ordered to pretend they robbed the bank and I was the police trying to apprehend them in their disguises. Oh did I forget their tatoos? They went on easily and were quite hardy I will say. Created by the team that brought us the popular UNBORED book series, the box of disguises includes fake teeth, sideburns, beards, mustaches, wacky glasses, and a roll of gauze to use with special directions to make your own scars and wounds. This kit inspires creativity, role-playing and storytelling–all essential elements for great fun and language learning!

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