The UnBored Road Trip from MindWare is an activity kit full of language, literacy opportunities, artistic outlets, and memory building for the whole family. If you’re headed on any adventure by car or even to the backyard for souvenir collection, don’t forget your UnBoard Road Trip activity kit.

Unboxing the UnBored Road Trip was nearly as exciting as the contents inside. We started by decorating our briefcase with lively stickers and imagined traveling to the mountains for a hike or the beach for a surf. The kit includes three activity pads with hundreds of pages for kids to draw, create, plan, and exercise creativity. The language opportunities and prompts on these activity pads are great for building narrative and story-telling skills while working on spatial awareness and having fun! For example, the Mapping Pad has a “Once Upon a Time” activity that encourages kids to make a fantasy map and even gives them some story starter idea pictures like castles, witches, dragons, and vikings. We created a great story about a knight who traveled to find a dragon far off on a dark mountain, who then got lost through an enchanted forest to get there. There’s also a Drawing Pad and Road Trip Bingo for even more ways to occupy the time while your kiddo gets creative and remains attentive in search of BINGO.

 The other engaging parts of the UnBored Road Trip activity kit include a travel whiteboard for endless messaging, doodling, and score keeping, a book light for late night reading, and souvenir envelopes. But my favorite part of the all inclusive travel briefcase were the 30 Conversation Cards! These cards are filled with awesome suggestions to start critical thinking, opinion sharing, and starting the natural turn taking of a conversation. Some of our favorites were “What makes for a good friend?” “Name three things you like about yourself,” and “What grosses you out?” We even used these cards to call grandparents and cousins to ask for their answers. 

 Overall, the UnBored Road Trip activity kit provides plenty of activities for kids to entertain themselves or involve the whole family in creative conversation and artistic performance. It’s adaptable for a wide variety of age ranges and is an obvious must-have for your next adventure.    

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By Erika Cardamone MS, CCC-SLP

Speech-language pathologist, Mom, toy reviewer, speaker, foodie, runner