The Urban Gymotion Lay to Sit-Up Play by Yookidoo is everything you’ll want in a baby playmat. With language, motor, and sensory development in mind, this mat provides babies with both entertainment and encourages developmental skills, such as language, cognition, and gross motor.

This playmat is so versatile, it will grow with your baby as their skills progress. It can be used in three different positions: lay and play, tummy time play, and sit-up play. This makes it perfect for babies at different stages of development. The lay and play position is perfect for younger babies who can practice visual tracking, reaching, and lifting feet up to kick. Tummy time play is encouraged with an adorable fire engine pillow elevate the upper body and help strengthen neck and shoulder muscles. The sit-up play position is great for older babies who are learning to sit up, and another great position to interact and connect with their caregiver.

There are various toys that attach to rings for babies to watch, reach, and grab. A good size mirror where baby can catch a full glimpse of themselves can stand alone or hang on an upper bar. These toys and activities allow for parents and caregivers to talk alongside their baby as they interact and converse together. Everything from shaking a rattle, pointing to pictures and toys, and providing a language rich environment help stimulate a baby’s senses and encourage exploration and discovery.

The Urban Gymotion Lay to Sit-Up Play is well made, soft, and durable. It easily folds in half making it great for transport or storing when playtime is over. Overall, the Urban Gymotion Lay to Sit-Up Play by Yookidoo is highly recommended. It’s a great investment for parents who want to help their babies with developmental language, motor, and cognitive skills while having fun.