If you’ve every used a Venn Diagram before then you know it’s a tool consisting of overlapping circles to compare and contrast items. It’s a representation of same and different attributes or a visual comparison that shows logical relationships between concepts.

VENN consists of 3 overlapping circles to compare word clues and art. Players choose art cards that represent their target words. Word clues can be adjectives, like wild, giant or colorful. Some word clues are nouns like technology, cat, or sky. Twelve word clues are laid out on the table and visible to players during the game.

Each target word is assigned to a VENN circle. Clue givers then sift through their pile of art cards, carefully choosing images that represent their 3 target words. Clue givers then place their images on the VENN circles, using the overlapping zones for art that might represent both words.

Why We Love It

VENN can be played cooperatively (2+ players) or competitively (4+ players). It’s a hands-on communication game as players interpret surrealistic art to match them to words and concepts. It allows for out of the box thinking since the artwork is so unique and the conversation and interpretations amongst the team became the best part of the learning experience.

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