5529_product_detailKids said a collective “Wow!” when they saw the Vet Clinic and sat down to start their pretend play. With the front desk and waiting area, and  two outdoor enclosures for recuperating animals, there is ample play space for several children to weave their story collectively. Kids got to work, or should I say play, bringing their animals to check in at the front desk, as the doctor readied the examination table with tools, medicine, bandages, and casts at the ready. Kids really liked the stethoscope and dog leash along with being able to situate birds and squirrels in the trees. Bunnies felt secure in their fenced hutch area while a calf and donkey could eat their hay out of the bin or stay under the cover of the shed. With such a variety of accessories from squirrels to computers, children’s imaginations produced the best story-telling, building language skills that support later reading and writing activities in school.

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