Does your bunny, kitty, horse or dalmatian puppy have a tummy ache, broken bone or allergies? Be assured this veterinarian is well prepared to lovingly care for your animal and get it back up for playtime. Enter the Vet Practice and place your pet on the examination table as the veterinarian takes out her first aid tote loaded with a shot, medicine and casts, depending on what is needed. The overhead examination lamps, scale and milk bottles are ready for use as she determines a diagnosis. Broken leg? Let’s take an x-ray and put a cast on and prescribe some much needed rest. My little neighborhood friends flocked to the vet practice and quickly chose a pet to care for with the tiny accessories–stethoscope, bone, carrots, and bandages–that took their story in many directions according to what pet, diagnosis, and treatment they chose. Schleich’s beautiful hand painted animals, including a tiny mouse to oversee all, are realistic for imaginative minds to generate pretend play and build language skills through action and dialogue.

Available in July