PLAYMOBIL’s 1.2.3. AQUA line is a fabulous series of water toys that encourage exploration, pretend play, and fun. The Water Seesaw with Boat is the perfect bath toy where children learn the weight of water, use their imaginations and make new discoveries while getting clean too!

The Water Seesaw is a floating island with a seesaw slide that includes a boat, 2 characters, and an octopus. Friends loved taking a boat ride over to the island and splashing into the water. Kids practiced hand eye coordination and fine motor control as they poured water on the bottom of the slide to watch friends splash right in. The red flap works as a trap door to escape the octopus or just go for a swim.

That’s the greatest part about this set! With different characters and multiple ways to use the same toy, children enjoyed telling a story in many different ways. Each prop was creatively used in their story where they practiced sequencing, dialogue, and awesome expressions of their ideas.

PLAYMOBIL’s products do an incredible job of encouraging exploration during play. They include the perfect combination of characters and props to engage language and imaginations. Kids turned the seesaw upside down while characters all enjoyed a bubble picnic. They poured, they splashed, they created rich stories that promoted language development. A true leader in the open-ended play where children practice a higher level of language skills to promote problem solving and social-emotional learning.

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