GMF1_SPREADWhat’s It? is a cooperative game where players interpret doodle cards and score points for thinking alike. Roll the dice with category options such as you love it, use it, wear it, don’t want it, or make up your own category. Flip over a doodle card, start the 30 second timer and play begins. Players record at least 3 guesses based on the drawing and category but try to think like their fellow players. This is where I was at a bit of a disadvantage, playing with 8 year-olds. They saw buttons when I saw a pearl necklace and they saw shark teeth when I saw a zipper! We had a lot of laughs and were amazed at what flexible thinkers kids can be. Players earn points when their answers match others but give a point to the Doodler if there is not a match. Thinking in categories is a higher level language activity as players have to call up vocabulary within a narrower class of words.
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