HABA Whats That RacketWhat’s that Racket? is the latest addition to HABA’s fun learning games that target listening skills, focus, auditory memory, association and language. Equipped with a wooden farmer Bert, six secret color-coded hiding places (green bush, yellow hay, orange couch or blue watering can), thirty animal tiles, and a colorful die, this game is ready to find the best listener.  Choose an animal tile and place it under one of the hideouts without letting anybody else see what animal you have. Farmer Bert starts the game exclaiming, “Where are my animals?” and everyone simultaneously produces their animal sound three times in a row. After listening intently, Farmer Bert must roll the color die, remember the location of each animal sound, associate it with the colored hiding place,  and recall which animal is hiding in that spot. Farmer Bert wins an animal token if he guesses correctly as well as the player who so brilliantly imitated his animal’s sound.  Each player gets a turn to be Farmer Bert.  Kids love to be silly so this game brought on a lot of giggles as they made animal sounds with abandon and knocked Farmer Bert on the table to request his animals.

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