Combine the excitement of hide and seek with a kid-sized Sock Monkey pal, to give your kchildren a game they beg to play over and over. Choose a player to hide Sock Monkey somewhere in the house where he is visible, making sure all other eyes are shut tight—no peeking! Other players take turns turning over the picture tiles to ask questions about Sock Monkey’s whereabouts, “Is he in a room with a fridge?”  “Is he in a room with a computer?” “Is he in a room with a plant?” As the Hider answers, “Yes” or “No,” the other players place the cards face up on the appropriate piles for “Yes” and “No” on the game board. When a player draws the “Go Look” card, flip over the timer and race to the room to search for Sock Monkey. The Hider was just as excited as his companions who were searching, as kids squealed with delight upon finding Sock Monkey under the covers in bed, in Mom’s palm plant, or in a shoe. Along with all this fun, kids are learning to ask questions, verbalize deductive reasoning and follow directions, building their language skills.

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