Kids and parents loved playing “Where’s Mr. Wolf?” as players helped the farmer get his animals back in their barns before Mr. Wolf came around. Half the fun is this darling game board that fits in the box, home to 4 little barns. Place a Barn Tile (featuring 2-3 animals) on each roof.  Scatter the animals in the barnyard face down as players start Mr. Wolf on the first stone of the path to the barns. Players work cooperatively to draw and place animals in a barn whose roof has a matching animal on it. You must remember where you put your chicken, goat, cow or sheep. More than one barn has the same animal on it so you have a choice of where you put them.Once you have only one of each animal in that barn you flip over the tile to say it is full. Memory, memory, you must remember where you put your animals and no peeking! Honestly, our 5 year-old friend was the keenest at remembering what was in each barn but it was definitely a cooperative effort to determine when the barn was full or still had a spot for an animal. Where’s Mr Wolf?

Available at Blue Orange Games. Click here