J02842_1Who Am I? is the big question as players sit across each other with the game board propped up between them picturing 24 animals dressed in various combinations of accessories–hats, scarves, necklaces mustaches, glasses, collars, hair, earrings, bows and butterflies. Each player draws a card of an animal that the other person must guess. In this game of deductive questioning, players take turns asking yes and no questions about their opponent’s animal, “Does he have glasses?” “Is he wearing a hat?” Fun dry erase markers are used to strike off animals as they are eliminated by questioning. There is extra thinking involved as players assess what is the best question to ask to benefit them the most. One friend looked at the animals he had left and said, “I can’t pick scarves because I would have to cross out everything!” A beginner and advanced side of the game board is provided so kids of many ages can enjoy this game. Players exercise their language learning deductive reasoning, question formulation and memory skills as they reduce the number of options to one and proudly call out their opponent’s identity!

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