Explorers get ready! Grab your compass and map, binoculars and flashlights. We’re going on a dangerous adventure! Schleich’s Wife Life Ranger Adventure Station is the perfect playset for thrill seekers with big imaginations.

Scheich’s beautifully hand painted animals and props are so realistic that they allow a child’s imagination come to life. The Adventure Station includes a Ranger and his treetop lookout station, 5 animals, rope ladder and bridge, and other detailed props that keep the story going. As children use their fine motor skills to manipulate these props, move animals, and create action in their play, they are using language, dialogue, and their incredible imaginations.

Storytelling skills are essential to a child’s language development and can predict future literacy success later on in their academic years. When children gain the opportunity to tell stories during play, they show strong abilities in comprehension and expression of their ideas. These skills build the foundation for language and future academic success.

Our own adventurers loved to explore all the different features of the Adventure Station. They soon found out that the station could be assembled in a few different ways. They moved the baby gorilla from the tree branches to the inside of the station as the Ranger’s companion. The Ranger had a big job protecting the baby gorilla from the fierce crocodile and panther hiding behind a dirt mound.

The standout details in the playset make the story interesting and evolving. There’s a broken step on the rope bridge! The Ranger nearly got bitten by the hungry croc below! It’s perfect for individual or collaborative play as children use rich vocabulary and create thrilling and adventurous stories.

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