Wixels by Crayola is a fun and creative way to provide children with a wonderful opportunity to develop their fine motor skills and imagination. Artists slowly transform a blank canvas into pixelated artwork through the magical color-absorbing action of each “wixel.”

Wixels are easy to use and each include 8 washable markers, 2 wixel panels and 2 color maps. The color map attaches to the corners of the wixel panels, allowing for a secure spot for markers to make their mark! Artists specifically used concentration and fine motor control as they carefully followed their color map. They also developed their hand-eye coordination, dexterity, and overall fine motor skills.

Artists turned into scientists, as they quickly discovered the familiar capillary wicking action that each small showed. With a touchOur toy testers were  so encouraged to use their imagination and creativity after their designs were complete. They first carefully chose to design and create their own unique patterns and designs. This allows children to explore their own interests and express their individuality, which is essential for healthy development.

The Wixels set comes with a variety of colors and patterns, providing children with endless opportunities for experimentation and creativity. The set can be used for individual play, as well as group play, which encourages collaboration and communication skills.

Overall, Wixels by Crayola is an excellent toy for children that promotes fine motor skills, imagination, and creativity. It’s a great way for children to explore their own interests and express themselves in a fun and engaging way.

Available at Crayola, Amazon and Target