Assembly and instructions are so simple that my 3 year-old friend spotted “Wobbly Worm” when he came in my house and started up the game by himself! Wobbles the Worm can be one of 3 heights (3 feet is the tallest) depending on the youngest player, as kids grab their set of 3 different sized rings and start tossing them at the worm’s head, hoping to be the first to get all their hoops over the worm’s head. Since the worm’s movements are random, and jerky, this is harder than you would think but is such a flexible game that the family can play together, including little ones. My 3 year-old friend made his own adaptations by moving closer to the worm to loop his hoop, while his 10 and 12 year-old sisters were not as successful standing back 2 steps! Aimed at 3 years and up, there is plenty to talk about–colors, sizes of hoops (small, medium, large) and tips offered (wanted and unwanted) on how to successfully get rid of your hoops.

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