332402This game was so much fun, do I dare say that a 10 year-old wanted to keep it as the family played together? Wonder Forge, known for its creative, spunky preschool games, loaded with hidden learning, has brought the silly Thing One and Thing Two to play while Mother is away. Kids construct the rooms from the bottom of the box, and place the household items throughout the rooms–bike, dresser, lamp, clock, plant, umbrellas stand and more. Assemble the launcher and wind it up to let loose in the house! Sometimes it just whirled and didn’t knock much over and other times it passed from room to room and kids delighted in its movements. Take a turn, pick a card,  and create a mess in the room or clean up by color, or save the “net” card to prevent the spinning destruction while Mother is moving toward the front door to discover the status of her house. This cooperative game gets players to work together to clean up the mess before Mother comes home, using critical thinking skills as they collaborate on how many spaces to move the mom–one, two or three–hoping to have the house in good order to win the game! Learning colors, following directions, building fine motor skills for clean up, and exercising critical thinking in a first game of strategy, kids loved the crazy fun of racing against Mother’s arrival while enjoying the chaos while she was gone!

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