The Wooden AlphaPup is the perfect marriage of a vintage pull toy with the fun interactive songs and phrases that help children learn.

This is truly a toy that can grow with your child. Whether you have a crawler that is still learning sounds and cause and effect or a walker who loves to move – this toy will be a soon favorite. The AlphaPup has 28 buttons, including 26 sound and letter buttons, one music button, and one pup-tastic friend phrases button.

Pressing each individual button was super for practicing fine motor strength and learning cause and effect. Cause and effect is an early cognitive skill that helps babies make sense of the world. They learn that their actions lead to an outcome. For example: if I press this button, I hear sounds or when I pull the dog, the tail lights up!

Phonics and letter sounds are reinforced with each press of the button.

  • H! Happy, I’m happy we’re friends
  • J! Jump! I love to jump up and down.
  • T! Tail, Watch my tail wag

These phrases are great for parents to reinforce during play as well. Emphasizing letter sounds (for example, t-t-tail) can be helpful to early literacy development. The fun phrases are great for new word learning and practicing motor skills too. AlphaPup loves to sing songs and rhymes too. Children quickly grasp these fun melodies and love to sing out loud.

One last bonus is that the Wooden AlphaPup is made from FSC certified wood. It’s an awesome product for the planet and for learning!

Available at Target and Leap Frog