Gamewright’s newest word game is perfect for Wordle fans, Scrabble lovers, and word thieves. Players create words with letter cards displayed on the game board. The trick is to get creative with your word creations so that your opponents have a harder time guessing (or stealing!) your points.

The game is ideal for 2-6 players. First, each player secretly creates a word with the letter cards displayed in the letter gallery. There are a certain number common consonants, rare consonants, and vowels, based on the number of players. Next, players drop “clues” about their word by putting a token on a letter that is included in their word. The more tokens you choose to put down, the more points you can earn BUT the more likely it is that your opponents can guess your word – and thus steal your points.

Word Heist brings a fun element to building vocabulary and spelling skills to the table. Kids got creative and honed in our their understanding of phonemic awareness, digraphs, and consonant clusters to attempt to use the most consonants and create unique words. There was excellent strategy play and of course a bit of mental math as they counted up points.

Word Heist brings both fun and learning to the family game table. Grab your best pals, creative word hat, and thieving self and go get yours today!

Available at Gamewright