This “wacky war of words” was unique and got even more fun, the longer we played it. The street is divided for two teams and the letter tiles of the alphabet run down the median strip. A team selects a category card–a school supply, something soft, or something found in a locker–and brainstorms words in that group. Times up and your team has to select one of the words and spell it out, moving the letter tiles to their side of the road, left or right. Three moves and your letter is off the board and “captured” by your team. The first team to capture eight letters wins. The thoughtful category cards and ensuing brainstorming is a wonderful language activity as players think of words connected by a concept. Strategy changes as the game progresses and there are fewer letters available to win. You can play offense or defense, look for double consonant words to speed your letters into  your camp, or try to formulate words using the letters on your half of the road. This game keeps the thinking going and changing for learning and fun