Word Splice is the perfect word game that builds phonemic awareness and vocabulary. It’s uniquely created for solitaire or competitive play in 2-6 players.

In a pair or group, the deck is shuffled and each player is dealt 7 cards. Players take turns placing their letter cards face up on the table, working to create as many words as they can. The fun is inserting a single card to splice an already existing word. For example, sit became sift and then on another turn – swift.

For single player game, the person works to create words from a single horizontal row of 10 cards, creating new words to gain points. If they are unable to spell a word, a “penalty pile” is created, where they can discard cards; though those card points are then deducted from the total score.

Competitive play certainly appealed to our school aged game testers a bit more. Word Splice was a fun way to develop phonemic awareness in new and seasoned readers. Players practiced key skills such as blending sounds, phoneme addition, and phoneme manipulation. They exercised flexible thinking, word retrieval, and spelling skills.

Word Splice is a great learning tool and practice for students to practice concentration, vocabulary, phonemic awareness and learn through play. This game was easy to learn, quick to play, and great for travel too.

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