WordSpiel gets kids 8 and up and grownups racing to make words, adding on to previously played letter cards to be the first to get rid of their cards. What fun to compete for the longest words, while emptying your hand. At first our players were a bit timid and only using the last letter card to build a 3 letter word, let->tam->my->yes->sos->son. But as we played on we got better at looking back further on the end of the previous word to start our next word:¬†crane->neat->toad->dead->dabs->swim. We learned to get rid of difficult letters like “Y” early when we had more letters to work with, and as one player said, “Don’t be left with a lot of vowels.” We definitely used the option of draw up to 3 cards in a round to replenish our letters so hopefully we could make longer words. WordSpiel is a fun new spin on word games “where the end is just the beginning,” End in a difficult letter and throw off your opponent. Kids tap into language and reading skills as they must construct words beginning with a letter or letters, while combining letters and sounds available in their hand.

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