It’s no secret that bubbles certainly have a WOW-factor when it comes to entertaining children. We’ve all witnessed this first hand. Any size bubble can be captivating to a child. But have you seen a child’s glowing face when a ginormous, flawless bubble comes their way?

What we love the most about the WOWmazing Bubble Kit is that it brings FUN and CONNECTION between kids and grown-ups. This lively outdoor activity gets kids of all ages moving and talking!

Bubbles are a great tool to motivate little kids to start talking. It’s great for practicing pointing and joint attention — two pre-verbal skills that demonstrate sharing the same experience with a communication partner.  In the toddler stage, kids are so motivated to want more WOWmazing bubbles, that practicing word combinations is a breeze! “More bubbles!” “Big bubbles!” “My bubble!”

(Side note: during testing these bubbles with toddlers, “My Bubble” was a very popular statement as kids took turns popping. Their turn couldn’t come soon enough!)

Little kiddos were eager to pop and the grown-ups were eager to play. WOWmazing bubbles is truly an opportunity for connection and celebration between kids and grown-ups.

What I really loved about the WOWmazing Bubble Kit was the unexpected appeal to the older kids. The older crowd (ages 8+) took authority in following the directions to make the bubble solution using the “Giant Bubble Powder” (included in your kit!), dish soap, and water. They took pride in trial and error as they figured the just right hold of the bubble wands into the wind to make giant bubbles!

Watching big kids mix, make, and chase bubbles was remarkable. They navigated turn-taking, advice swapping, and some healthy competition on who could make the biggest bubble. They also used various measurement techniques (such as steps, sticks, and arm-lengths), incorporating some creative STEM concepts too. The biggest bubble of our session: 2 and half 8 year-old- arm lengths!

Time to get outside, have fun, and be amazed with WOWmazing giant bubbles. The huge pop-able beauties that spark enjoyment, connection, and conversation.

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