WOWmazing Winter Bubble Kits are the perfect reason to get outside this winter. Kids loved decorating their bubble wands with their cold activated stickers. These stickers are waterproof and activate when its 50F or below! The perfect reason to get outside while we experience some cooler temperatures.

Inside the pack is a double handle bubble wand and bubble concentrate (just add water!) – everything you need to make WOWmazing bubbles. These worked great for cooperative play while children navigating turn taking, giving each other “tips” and direction on how to make the most impressive bubbles. There was some trial and error as they tried different things to make the best bubble – data collection for budding scientists! They ran, jumped, chased, and sometimes just stared in amazement.

The communication and connection with the WOWmazing Winter Kit was wondrous. Kids and grown-ups participating in this outdoor activity together. They planned, prepared, created and predicted. They measured and compared bubble sizes to bizarre objects — “That was the size of a shark!” “Mine was as big as Zara (the dog).” Incorporating these mathematical concepts into bubbles was learning through play at its finest.

Get outside in the cooler weather to mix, make, and create some GIANT bubbles. These bubbles will spark learning, connection, conversation, and pure joy.

Available at South Beach Bubbles and Amazon