Deep in the Himalayan Mountains, legend says you may find the Yeti. The Yeti can also exist right in your home or classroom, and tells an amazing story of how he feels misunderstood! Folkmanis does an incredible job creating a high quality, Yeti hand puppet that is perfect for talking about his emotions and telling his side of the story.

In most tales, the Yeti is a figure of danger. But this friendly hand puppet with moveable mouth and eyebrows was easy to love and taught empathy to our group of kiddos. He was able to show excitement, sadness, embarrassment, and relief. Children openly engaged in dialogue with each other and the puppeteer/Yeti.

Puppets are a magical way to get children using language to talk about their own feelings and own experiences. They connect with puppets in a comforting way and play with puppets seemed to encourage more interactions and develop social-emotional awareness. They were attentive, engaged, and entertained. Older children loved role playing and using language to tell a story and use their own imaginations as their story evolved with rich vocabulary.

With his thick white fur, fuzzy horns, bushy eyebrows, and wide mouth, the Yeti became a fast friend to our group of mixed-age children. Do you believe in the legend of the the Yeti?

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