Load them, link them, launch them! ZipLinx Triple Tower Blast is best new way for kids to explore, discover, and investigate through play. Children learn all about the power of chain reactions while creating cool deigns and AWE-some grand finales.

Once your Linx are loaded with the power bands, kids carefully placed and connected them to one another in spirals, lines, zig zags, and other creative designs. This set of ZipLinx includes three towers for high flying launch fun! The instructions provide suggestions on how to build, but kids enjoyed creating their own designs too.

Why We Love It

Kids used their brains while building, creating, and collecting data with each trial of ZipLinx. They quickly figured out what worked and what didn’t work. They used problem solving skills and spatial awareness to assess, visualize, and modify their creations. Absolutely STEM skills at work!

Kids loved using their steady hands to load, link, and launch. It was similar to dominoes in that we talked about chain reactions and potential energy (yay physics!) as each linx communicated with its neighbor. They perfected their creations with each trial and loved taking videos of the grand finale. ZipLinx Triple Tower Blast was a total blast!

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