Looking for the perfect addition to a Boo Basket for older kids? Zombae’s Forever is it! Spin Master’s collectible zombie dolls are fashionable friends that come with fun accessories and props. Kids absolutely love these not-so-spooky dolls and their un-coffin-ing unboxing experience.

The coffin-shaped box becomes apart of the play. Our Scream Queens deluxe set featured two gal pals with an upstairs locker room and a gymnasium on the lower level of the coffin. They had props that came along with them like a baton for the drum major, a trophy for the cheerleader, and a mini coffin and zombie pup.

Kids loved mix and matching accessories and their hair. Take off their gorgeous colorful locks to reveal their glittery zombie brains with four different designs. Swapping hairstyles and limbs (yes, their legs come off too!) became part of the story.

Why We Love It

The Zombaes Forever dolls succeeded in creating new and different storylines as friends explored their unique features, using new vocabulary, engaging in spooky dialogue, and using fine motor skills to dress up and swap their accessories. They make a great gift for a best friends, Halloween enthusiasts, and storytelling extraordinaries.

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