Little jammin’ rockers can make music on their first drum set and learn a whole lot of language skills while tapping the drum pads. Kids and parents love the elephant who is a drum set and trunk activates the bass drum! Four game modes include Counting, Catch the lights as you follow the lit up drums in sequence, Follow the Leader as you repeat lit up patterns and Free Style. Kids can choose their style of drum play including silly sounds which is popular and animal sounds heard with the tap of the drum. Choose from 16 melody buttons to add a personal drum beat and crash of the cymbal to fun songs. If parents wince when grandma says she’s getting their child a drum set, just let them know that there’s a volume control and it’s the cutest little elephant who can teach a ton! Music and language development are closely related as kids learn to listen, repeat sequences and create their own rhythms. Listening skills and focus are important for later classroom success.

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