nullLooking for adventure? Hop into your purple car, grab the cooler and head for the campsite! This Fisher-Price little people set has all the ingredients for great creative play. Sarah Lynn and Maggie can relax by the campfire in their lounge chairs, drop the fishing line into the lake, cook dinner over the open fire or pop open the camper and climb into their sleeping bags. After their stay at the campsite, they can load the cooler, chairs and fishing rod into the camper and drive home. Don’t we like toys that hold all the pieces?

Designed for children ages 2-5, this play set hits the sweet spot for pretend play. A 2 year-old will enjoy manipulating the people and pieces and imitating real life, while a 3 year-old will take the figures and animate them, using voices to talk back and forth. Join your child’s pretend play by “being” one of the figures and following the action. Research shows that a child’s level of play is raised when an adult joins in. But, remember to follow your child’s lead, giving them the opportunity to create and tap their imagination.

As the parent you want to be the “producer” not the “director” of your child’s play. Being the producer, you provide a variety of props such as people, food, vehicles, furniture etc to stimulate her imagination and start the story telling. Step back and watch the creativity begin. Don’t jump in and direct the action by suggesting the story direction but follow your child’s lead. Your child’s language will be enhanced through pretend play.Imaginative play stimulates language. Children who create stories with toys and props, like “Sarah Lynn and her Camping Adventure,” are practicing with language and become good storytellers and eventually enthusiastic writers.

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