As parents we can get exasperated when matched with the wit and will of a toddler and sometimes we say things in desperation.

Yesterday I was talking to a dad of a 21 month-old boy, Sam, who refused to stay in his crib and go to sleep for the night. Now I had just been at the house of twin 2 year-old boys who had a fancy “tent” over the crib that was obviously designed for the purpose of keeping the little ones where they belonged at night. But this father was using logic and negotiation with Sam, not realizing, Sam was processing the whole thing and would hold him to it.

Dad was tired of the game of “climbing out of the crib” and finally told Sam that if he stayed in his crib, Dad would take him to the beach the next day. The following morning, the first words out of Sam’s mouth were, “Daddy beach!” As a matter of fact, that is pretty much all Sam said the whole morning. Dad was being held to his word.

So be careful what you say–someone is listening and won’t forget!