Take a look at the amazing story of Michael Phelps growing up with the challenges of ADHD, told from his mother’s perspective. The New York Times had an inspiring story about his bumpy road through preschool and elementary school, as teachers repeatedly told her he couldn’t focus, sit still or stay quiet when he should. Can’t you just picture a little Michael nudging other kids at circle time or moving to his own beat when everyone else is quietly listening? One teacher went so far as to say he would never be able to focus on anything. I’ll bet she is glued to the Olympics like the rest of us, amazed at how this young man has focused enough to be the best male swimmer in the world.

Be encouraged by this single mom who saw that her child could read but wasn’t interested so she gave him the sports pages of the Baltimore Sun so he could look at the pictures and read the captions of something he was interested in. This is a mother (and coach) who encouraged a child’s passion and watched him learn to focus!