Quack Quack, Call of the Farm Game by Blue Orange

Eight charming, little farm animals–simply illustrated using just three colors–are hanging out in a field. Players roll the three dice to see what colors they need to match to an animal. Spot the animal whose colors correspond to the dice, be the first to yell out a “moo”,  “oink” or a “woof” and win a scoring coin. If you line up four coins on your numbered scoring board, you are the winner! Although it appears simple, this game actually requires the player to remember three colors as they move from one animal to the other hoping for a match, identify the animal and then process what sounds it makes. Memory, observation, counting and association skills are all in use. And, don’t we all appreciate a game that comes with it’s own container? Cleverly packaged in a solid wooden box, Quack Quack gathers its pieces in a drawstring bag.